Converging clinical trial and real-world data to generate real-world evidence breakthroughs

With increasing FDA guidance and acceptance regarding real-world data (RWD), combined with the need for integrating RWD evidence into clinical studies, the time is right to adopt innovation that unleashes the full power of your patient data.

HealthVerity and Medidata clinical development leaders discuss how linking trial data to RWD will advance your clinical programs. They share their experiences helping cutting-edge pharma companies gain deeper insights into the patient journey before, during and after clinical trials.

HealthVerity and Medidata experts highlight a diverse range of use cases, showing how life sciences organizations can gain multi-year head starts in the real-world evidence generation process. The panel will also provide key considerations and lessons learned for the successful adoption and implementation of this innovative approach.

During this webinar, you’ll:

  • Explore high-impact examples of data linkage within the clinical development process
  • Understand the benefits of data linkage for your organization, within and beyond your team
  • Learn industry best practices and practical steps to get started

HealthVerity enables HIPAA-compliant, accurate linkage of clinical trial and RWD through its IPGE platform, the industry’s leading infrastructure for patient identity resolution, privacy, governance, and exchange of broadscale healthcare and consumer data. Medidata Link has a pre-built integration with HealthVerity, enabling a seamless connection of trial data to the industry’s broadest ecosystem of real-world data. Medidata Link is also fully integrated with the Medidata Unified Platform that powers a large portion of the world's clinical trials, working across paper or eConsent models, and seamlessly collecting data at multiple research sites.