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COVID-19 test and trend reporting

In response to the systemic growth of COVID-19, HealthVerity has developed near-real-time reports and data packages to track the progress of the disease and monitor general healthcare utilization trends. Discover deeper insights into the wave of patients infected with COVID-19 and understand the serious impacts on non-infected patients whose habits have shifted as a result.

Multi-year Research Collaboration with the FDA

HealthVerity has signed a multi-year Research Collaboration Agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to evaluate a range of different real-world datasets for their potential to inform FDA’s response to COVID-19.

“The more detail we can obtain around how COVID-19 affects different patient populations, the faster a potential treatment for coronavirus can become a reality. Developing the expertise needed to apply diverse, real-world datasets to these issues is an essential step in this direction.”


Amy Abernethy

M.D., Ph.D., FDA Principal Deputy Commissioner


HVPCI reports positive swing to patient confidence as the year comes to a close

This period’s national score of 98 tells two distinct stories: one of positive return to acute and chronic care by patients in the US and one that showcases a steady increase in infectious disease, where an uptick in visits is no longer a positive.

Read the full results. 

Real-time Insights and Evidence is now live

HealthVerity and Aetion have launched the first and only real-time insights and evidence system.

  • Understand healthcare utilization trends to adapt commercial strategies.
  • Assess safety and effectiveness of potential
    COVID-19 treatments.
  • Accelerate approvals and prepare for post-marketing requirements.
Real-time Insights and Evidence

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Near-real-time reports

HealthVerity has teamed up with key data partners to introduce a series of near-real-time reports and data packages that offer actionable insights on the impact of this global pandemic. These publications, available daily or weekly, shed light on both the rising COVID-19 population as well as the decline in healthcare utilization by non-COVID patients.

Package 1

COVID-19 surveillance Report

Understand the general trends for COVID-19 diagnoses in comparison to other seasonal respiratory illnesses such as influenza and allergies.

  • Surveillance of medical claims billing related to COVID-19 and symptoms. 
  • Rollup data delivered weekly (ending 90 days from first delivery) including claims occurring from Jan 2016 forward. 
  • Market basket includes ILI, ARDS, pneumonia, cough, shortness of breath, upper respiratory, Influenza, fever and COVID-19.

Upgrade options include daily delivery and/or automatic renewal for additional quarters.

Package 2

Physician utilization report

Understand the general trends in healthcare utilization trends such as the number of well visits, sick visits and telehealth, both for COVID-19-related and unrelated visits by geography and specialty.

  • Surveillance of healthcare utilization trends.
  • Rollup data delivered weekly (ending 90 days from first delivery) including claims occurring from Jan 2020 forward. 
  • Market basket includes well visits, sick visits, hospitalizations and telehealth visits.

Upgrade options include daily delivery and/or automatic renewal for additional quarters.

Package 3

Physician profiling report

Understand retrospective and prospective NPI-level insights into customer-selected disease or drug codes, well visits, hospital visits, and telehealth. Available at both the specialty and NPI level. 

  • Retrospective physician-level file including customer products of choice and HealthVerity predefined healthcare utilization metrics. 
  • Rollup data delivered one time including claims occurring from June 2019 through Nov 2019. 
  • Market basket includes customer-selected codes, well visits, sick visits, hospitalizations and telehealth visits.

If the Physician profiling report is purchased, customer-specific codes can be added to either surveillance monitor above.

Package 4

COVID-19 lab tests and results

Understand the geographic spread of COVID-19 as well as the percentage of patients testing positive. Explore near-real-time results of COVID-19 lab tests from Quest Diagnostics and Private Source 74, two of the largest diagnostic lab companies in the US. 

  • Detailed demographic information on patients and performing labs
  • Detailed lab transactions for COVID-19 tests performed by Quest Diagnostics and/or Private Source 74
  • Data includes ordering physician NPI and test results. 
  • Delivery and layout follow HVM standards.

Frequently asked questions

What are these reports used for?

HealthVerity has developed a data package in response to the systemic growth of COVID-19 cases in early 2020. The key features of the package not only track the progress of the disease and related symptoms, but also offer general healthcare utilization trends. We can provide deeper insights around (1) physicians administering in-office treatments whose patients could be transitioned to a self-administered option and (2) lab testing for COVID-19 including results and ordering physician.

What is a rollup file?

HealthVerity will utilize the raw medical claims data to calculate the unique number of patients across all combinations of patient zip, patient age, specialty, group and code. We calculate aggregate totals because patients can exist across multiple levels. For example, a patient may have a diagnosis for COVID-19 and also a diagnosis for cough, so we create an extra row of data where the group field is ’0Total’ and the patient is counted only once. Customers should not sum the patient column in the deliverable.

Are the COVID-19 diagnosis codes confirmed cases?

Yes. CDC has instructed the healthcare community to only report the coronavirus diagnosis codes when the patient has been confirmed or presumed positive. (CDC coding guidelines)

Do you see telehealth and who is performing it?

Yes. There is a place of service code as well as procedure codes which indicate when care was provided to the patient over the phone or online.

How current is your report?

Our surveillance report includes medical claims data submitted by physicians to payers through the prior day. The actual date of service, the day the visit took place, will be on or prior to that time.

What coverage does Quest have of the COVID-19 market?

Across all lab providers, HealthVerity believes that it is seeing roughly 50% of all COVID-19 tests in the US.

What differentiates coronavirus from today’s pandemic COVID-19? 

Coronavirus has existed as a billable ICD-10 code since 2016; specifically diagnosis codes B97.29 and B34.2. The WHO released a new ICD-10 code specific to COVID-19 and the code is being adopted by the CDC as of April 1, 2020 (CDC Coding). Prior to April 1, 2020, all COVID-19 related billing reported one of the B-codes noted above (CDC Interim Coding).

The traditional model for planning out research has been upended. COVID-19 has led to new real-world evidence research that focuses on the impact on non-infected patients who stay home because of the virus. We are now seeing a reshaping of research priorities to account for those rapid changes in patient behavior.”


Andrew Kress

CEO and Co-founder, HealthVerity

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