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The Diversity Imperative

COVID-19 has disproportionately affected racial and ethnic minority groups in the US and still, clinical trials racing to uncover a vaccine for this disease have failed to enroll patients among the most at-risk populations. Increasing diversity within patient populations is not a challenge that originated with the onset of COVID-19, but in fact has been a recognized issue for years.

Barriers to reach patients representative of the overall society have been difficult to overcome... until now.

HealthVerity has recently launched the Provider Diversity Index as a brand new way to ensure adequate representation of minority groups, by first understanding the racial and ethnic breakdown of patients seen by each provider. With these attributes tied to more than 330 million US patients and the vast majority of healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and CROs can leverage the HealthVerity data ecosystem to better direct their recruitment efforts by gaining access to a physician’s patient demographic profile.

Join the discussion on these topics and much more:

  • Biggest challenges in recruiting diverse clinical trial populations and how to overcome them
  • An overview of the Provider Diversity Index with sample output of race and ethnicity attributes
  • Inform site selection efforts beyond race and ethnicity distribution leveraging HealthVerity Marketplace
  • Results from the latest HealthVerity Patient Confidence Index