The secret to expediting drug approval: Synchronizing clinical trial and real-world data

More and more pharmaceutical companies are incorporating real-world data (RWD) into their new drug applications because it works. One study found that drugs developed with the support of RWD had an 89% likelihood to launch, compared to a 68% likelihood for those developed without RWD. However, there are challenges to this rewarding approach. 

Drawing on the experience we gained working with leading government agencies and pharmaceutical companies during the pandemic, HealthVerity has developed a white paper with practical solutions for overcoming the challenges of incorporating real-world data into clinical trials. 

Download our white paper to learn:

  • The benefits of incorporating RWD into randomized controlled trials
  • The value of RWD at each stage of the clinical trial lifecycle
  • Challenges and solutions for incorporating RWD into clinical trials
  • Considerations when using RWD for regulatory submission