Claim better outcomes

The industry is facing headwinds with evolving and unstable access to HIPAA-compliant patient data that is critical to justifying the cost, effectiveness and safety of increasingly complex treatments. We recently revealed HealthVerity taXonomy - the nation’s most comprehensive, consistent and curated closed claims dataset - to overcome these challenges while providing unparalleled insights into patient journeys, treatment outcomes and total cost of care.  

In this webinar, we reveal the exciting details of this next-generation data solution, demonstrating how breaking from legacy solutions that rely on a narrow mix of payers and payer types can open your organization to over 245 million patient journeys from more than 225 payers, including commercial, Medicare and Medicaid, as well as race and mortality markers. The webinar delves into the expansive dataset, which has up to eight years of continuous coverage, inclusive of all age groups, races and geographies.

 Watch this webinar to:

  • Discover the advantage of a closed claims dataset with a multitude of payers, representing all payer types

  • Learn how data disruptions caused by industry changes and churn can be limited

  • Explore how this research-ready closed claims dataset can be seamlessly integrated with other sources to unlock the most comprehensive patient journeys