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Maternal Outcomes Masterset (MOM) -
Part 2 

The recent pandemic shed light on a long-standing challenge for the healthcare industry: a lack of reliable evidence on drug safety during pregnancy

In part 2 of this informative webinar series, Sandy Leonard, Senior Vice President, Partnerships and Real World Data at HealthVerity, and Wendy Turenne, Vice President, Real World Data and Operations at Aetion, will demonstrate how to generate rapid, reliable real-world evidence for pregnancy health using the Maternal Outcomes Masterset (MOM), a broad cohort which has been optimized for analysis on the Aetion Evidence Platform (AEP).

Watch the webinar to:

  • Learn about the critical considerations and complexities of analyzing mom-baby linked data to generate real-world evidence for pregnancy health
  • Explore how the linked data can be rapidly analyzed using a scientifically rigorous real-world evidence platform
  • Understand how fit-for-purpose data and built-for-purpose analytics can be combined to improve the health of pregnant women and their infants

The  webinar includes an engaging Q&A session with our experts from both HealthVerity and Aetion.

Watch today!