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RWE and real-time insights

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered intense and widespread action among the biopharma industry and its regulators. Whether accelerating potential COVID-19 interventions or ascertaining healthcare’s redistribution, real-world evidence—delivered in real-time—can inform questions on treatment impact and instruct commercial investment.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How biopharma and regulators are using RWD to answer questions on COVID-19 interventions and on the pandemic’s broader impact on healthcare
  • Considerations for assessing data sources and tools for RWD-based research and how Real-Time Insights and Evidence, a research system by Aetion and HealthVerity, enables organizations to quickly respond and adapt
  • Examples of how real-time data sources are being used to generate timely decision-ready insights across the drug lifecycle including for regulatory and market access planning.