Synchronizing the Science

To continue the amazing breakthroughs in science that the pharmaceutical industry has been experiencing, a continual source of regulatory-quality real-world data (RWD) is needed to better understand disease progression and the real-life impact on patients. While more and more entities are making valuable RWD available, pharmaceutical companies cannot rely on legacy tokenization technologies, rife with high error rates and inconsistent patient identifies, to make this fragmented data interoperable. 

HealthVerity pioneered the IPGE approach to synchronize unparalleled Identity management with built-in data Privacy and HIPAA compliance, while Governing data usage rights and permissions, to enable the efficient discovery and Exchange of fully interoperable, research-ready healthcare and consumer data. This ebook discusses the benefits of synchronizing each of the IPGE elements and how this synchronized solution allows you to advance the science.

Download our ebook to learn how synchronization provides:

  • The ultimate source of truth in patient identity
  • Built-in privacy and HIPAA compliance
  • Governance of data rights, usage and permissions
  • The ability to discover and exchange near limitless interoperable, research-ready RWD