Teaming up to fight diabetes

Diabetes affects an estimated 37 million Americans and greatly increases the risk of other conditions, such as kidney and heart disease. As such, people with diabetes often see multiple healthcare providers, take several medications and employ wearables, such as continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) to manage their condition. 

Watch HealthVerity Co-Founder and COO Andrew Goldberg and Glooko’s Vice President, Data Science and Clinical Research Ed Nykaza to learn how we’ve teamed up to provide a comprehensive view into the complex diabetes patient journey to help advance clinical research. 

During this webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn how you can synchronize a multitude of real-world data sources, including CGM data, to explore longitudinal diabetes patient journeys   
  • Understand how various elements of the diabetes journey, such as glucose trends, insulin patterns and diet activity, can help visualize correlations  
  • Explore specific examples and use cases and see a live demonstration on building a diabetes patient cohort in HealthVerity Marketplace