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The role of RWE: Longitudinal patient insights bridging clinical and real-world data

In recognition of our data providers and strategic partners, the HealthVerity Plus webinar series will showcase the breadth of our expansive network in action as we collaborate to solve problems through data and technology. We’ll cover hot topics, industry trends, live demos, customer use cases, and real-time Q&A sessions.

Watch as Sandy Leonard, SVP Partnerships and RWD at HealthVerity is joined by Akiko Shimamura, Senior Director, Medical Analytics & Outcomes Research at Medidata to discuss solutions in advancing real-world evidence (RWE) during and after clinical trials.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Gain insights into how your key challenges in post-market surveillance are solved by integrating real-world data and clinical trial data
  • Learn how longitudinal patient insights (LPI) can de-risk your clinical trials, lower the costs of follow up studies, and enhance insights
  • Explore the critical components for successful implementation of LPI in your clinical development program (e.g., data privacy, security and compliance, expertise)
  • Delve into cutting edge cases already underway with top pharma companies
  • Participate in a live Q&A with featured speakers