Mastering precision, not indecision

Since the beginning of 2024, we had been hearing about significant declines in patient linking accuracy in legacy De-ID tokenization solutions. And with certain key patient data sources becoming less readily available, legacy patient and physician outreach programs were suffering from a loss of comprehensiveness, timeliness and efficiency. The path to precision had become more challenging than ever. 

During this webinar, we introduced HealthVerity Identity Manager, the industry's first standalone De-ID as a Service that delivers quantitatively superior results for patient identity resolution, and HealthVerity Precision Event Alerts, the most comprehensive, accurate and timely physician alerting solution in the industry.    

The webinar delves into how HealthVerity manages identity efficiently and cost effectively across more than 250 billion patient data points and how synchronizing data across the nation’s largest healthcare data ecosystem provides for a fundamentally better go-to-market experience for your physician-facing teams. Additionally, we discuss how organizations can shorten the time to intervention by up to 50%, reduce false alerts by up to 20% and gain important insights from new clinical data sources only available from HealthVerity. 

Watch this webinar to:

  • Discover how changes in the identity market have increased the need for flexible, dynamic and cost-effective solutions

  • Learn how medical claims from clearinghouses and payers integrated with the broadest lab data coverage, including biomarkers, offers fundamentally better lead generation

  • Explore opportunities to incorporate your own proprietary data sources to further enhance your go-to-market strategies