The Token is Broken: Part II

The Token is Broken: Part II

The Token is Broken Part II explores how synchronization can deliver superior outcomes specifically for clinical trials and registries. We delve into the major shortfalls of tokenization while highlighting how synchronization offers a more comprehensive and compliant approach for managing patient journeys. You will quickly understand why HealthVerity FLOW is experiencing rapid adoption across top 20 pharma due to a modular platform that synchronizes leading technologies for identity, privacy and governance with the nation’s largest healthcare and consumer data ecosystem. 

Gina Valo, vice president of clinical research products, and Michael Eckrote, vice president of technical solution sales, demonstrate how HealthVerity FLOW is solving key pain points with particular emphasis on implications for patients lost to follow up, safety surveillance and pursuit of real-world evidence for new indications. 

Our speakers will help you to:

  • Understand how a synchronized solution readily outperforms common tokenization limitations and aligns trial objectives
  • Discover how you can easily solve for patients lost to follow up, safety surveillance and novel data insights that facilitate regulatory submissions
  • Improve your ability to discover and source both RWD and consented identifiable data in a fully-compliant workflow, including data provenance 

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